Custom Statues and Grave Markers in Swoyersville, PA

Arrange for Personalized Monuments and Markers at Denison Cemetery

Statues and grave markers are great identifiers and additions to any monument or gravesite. Though headstones or plaques typically consist of the most important things, such as names and occupations of the loved one at rest, statues can add character and remembrance that fits the person in question. Denison Cemetery offers custom statues and grave markers to accompany gravesites, adding the personal touch that your loved one deserves. To discuss potential options and place orders, call (570) 231-5746 today at any time to schedule an appointment.

Honor Military Veteran Service with Respect and Dignity

Our statue and grave marker options are ideal for memorializing and distinguishing military personnel and veterans. Grave markers are an excellent option to highlight the accomplishments of a loved one who was in the military. Just with a single statue or monument, the client can highlight the branch of military, years of service, and other accomplishments their loved one achieved during their tenure. A statue or grave marker can bear huge significance and respect for those who have served our country with love and pride.

A Variety of Marker Sizes and Styles Available

To see all of our available options, please schedule an appointment: (570) 231-5746.

Slant Markers

Bevel Markers

Flat Markers


Baby Marker (Bronze)

Pet Marker (Bronze)

Examples of Statues and Grave Markers

Custom and Precise Lettering Engravement Service Available

Denison Cemetery offers premium and custom lettering services with statues and grave markers. Be assured that any grave marker will receive precise and high quality lettering when you entrust the work to Denison Cemetery. We offer accuracy and legibility with our lettering and engraving service. Denison Cemetery guarantees complete quality control and satisfaction with our lettering services.

Plan for Custom Statues and Grave Markers with Denison Cemetery

Honor your beloved family member and provide a meaningful tribute that will stand the test of time. If you are in Luzerne, Columbia, Lackawanna, Lycoming, and Northumberland counties, contact Denison Cemetery today. We take pride in serving the region with quality custom statues and grave markers.

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